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Kirlian Photography Palm’s Reading

What is the Spiritual Reading and how does it work?

I tune into Spirit to receive messages about whatever the client “needs to know” at that time.

Receiving the information usually starts with just getting what Spirit sending to me rather answering a questions client may have. This information is very important to client, because Spirit send the most important information for the client he need at the moment.

In a second part of reading we will discuss about the information received and then I will answer your questions.

Spiritual Reading may be about anything: family, health, relationship, business, job etc. It may be just about your spiritual life or anything else what you really need most for the moment.

I can receive an information by different ways. This can involve me working psychically as well as mediumisticaly to bring forward the information., each time it’s may varies, but for sure this comes by the best way for my client to understand it.

Kirlian Electrophotography Aura Reading

About Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography is a process that uses pulsed high voltage frequencies & electron cascades to take pictures of usually invisible, radiating energy fields that surround all of us.

Because our hand aura is holographic in nature it means that our hands give us a window into our whole-body aura which contains lots of interesting and enlightening information about ourselves.

What can we see on Kirlian Photo?

For a skilled reader, the pattern of the electromagnetic field gives meaningful information about many aspects of the psyche, including head/heart balance, relationship, creative strengths, areas of confidence, healing potential, and much more.

How can we benefit from a Kirlian reading?

Apart from the general health benefits of seeing how we are using our energies a Kirlian reading can open us up to new possibilities. The Kirlian conversation is designed to leave you feeling connected better to your energy flows and aware about your strengths, weaknesses and hidden possibilities.

KIrlian Photography and 30 min Palm’s Energy Reading £45

E-mail: info@thegracehealing.co.uk


Please note that we do not offer Kirlian Photography service for pregnant women, people with epilepsy or if you fit with any bio-electronic equipment such as a pacemaker

Gennadiy Beremovich

psychic medium healer, spiritual consultant, Kirlian Photography Palm's Energy Reader

I am a natural psychic/medium, healer and spiritual consultant and I offer readings that cover everything from love, business proposals, relationship, self-development, life style improvement. Only a true and honest reading can be helpful in guiding you towards your true path of happiness.