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Bloated stomach

I originally went to see Anna because my stomach was always a bit bloated, and I heard a colonic would help.

On my first visit I had a consultation and Anna explained what was going to happen. She went into great detail about the colon and explained that the colon is an extension of the brain and can help with many physical and emotional problems.

I found the whole procedure very easy and Anna made me feel at ease the whole way through, there was no embarrassment what so ever, I felt really relaxed.

She discovered that I had candida, which I never knew I had, this explained why my tummy was always bloated. She recommended a candida diet for me and said I needed a couple more sessions.

After the first session I changed my diet and within a week my tummy was a lot flatter and I was no longer feeling bloated. I also felt all together lighter like I’d had a real lift, mentally things seemed clearer also.

I had two more sessions and by third I felt that I was a changed person, not only did I physically feel a lot better (no more candida), but I felt a lot happier too.

I never told Anna that I had a phobia of bees and wasps, but after my second session I noticed that I was no longer scared of them. Since childhood I have had an irrational fear of wasps and would become very anxious at just the thought of one.

I never thought that for a second that a colonic would help me flush away my deep fear, but I feel so happy that it has.

I am living proof that a colonic can really help take away problems that were never really dealt with in your past.

After just three sessions with Anna, I feel a lot calmer, happier and free from anxiety, having a colonic for me was one of the best things I have ever done, and will continue to do in my life. Thank you x

Ms Y.K

Food intolerances

I suffer from food intolerances and my digestive system does not work as it should. I had read a lot about colonic irrigation and knew it would be good for me, but I never had the courage to make an appointment.

Then one day, following a recommendation, I did make one with Anna Jay at the Chatsworth Centre; I felt very apprehensive as I rang the bell, but was soon reassured by Anna and felt very relieved to see the clinic was sparkling clean.

I had to complete a short questionnaire which Anna then went through with me, and she explained exactly what the procedure was and answered all my strange questions!

As for the treatment itself, there was no pain, maybe a little occasional discomfort, sometimes Anna will use herbs to relax the colon, and she is always very thorough and painstaking. Afterwards I felt a little tired and ate a light diet for 24 hours, but within a day I felt the benefits of the treatment which helps to remove the toxins from the body, my abdomen is flatter and I have more energy.

I go to Anna regularly now, and feel very relaxed about it; we live in a highly polluted world, and I believe colonics are an important part of any detox regime.

Ms A.W


I am grateful to Anna for the series of colonics I had at the Chatsworth Centre. My husband and I were planning to have a baby, a healthy baby. I know that the biggest problem for newborns, babies and toddlers is skin complaints. It is our diet, toxins in our body, and pollution that are the main causes.

So, even before conception, my husband and I started to improve our diet and detoxed properly with colonic irrigation. That was our very first step!

My baby is now three years old and, touch wood, has no problems at all.

Dear Future Mums and Dads, you should take responsibility for the health of your baby. You can prevent skin problems, allergies, eczema, liver complaints and many other ailments that are connected with the toxicity in your body.

Mr and Mrs P
North London

Healthy lifestyle

For years and years I had an appalling diet. I didn’t seem to be able to change. I tried everything on the market, supplements, fad diets, acupuncture. Nothing helped and it got worse year on year. Finally, despite doubts, I decided to try the colon hydrotherapy sessions suggested by my friend. Overcoming my fears, I went along to the clinic with mixed feelings (from fear to embarrassment), and had the first treatment.

I just wanted to say I was shocked at what was inside my body!, of course I had several treatments and the results were amazing. My overeating stopped. Then my eating habits changed, almost without effort. I am not a big meat-eater anymore. Though I eat meat occasionally with friends, but I actually prefer fish now. I hated cottage cheese!, now I run into the shop and it’s the first thing I buy. I can’t leave the shop without it.

Anna explained that a clean body is so clever that it knows what is good and what is bad to eat. After cleansing, the natural body controls restart. The body will try to correct any deficiencies, in my case the cottage cheese probably showed a need for calcium. I feel now that I have restarted my body systems and can manage with any kind of diet and do any exercise. I have woken up after a long sleep!



I am 75 years old and my generation never discusses problems below the waist. We usually suffer in silence and try to manage any problems ourselves. These days however bowel problems are openly discussed. The bowel (colon) is as important as the heart, lungs or liver. I had three colonic sessions and decided to write about it.

I felt like a really old car, so clogged with dirt and oil that my engine had stopped working properly. And you know, like an old car, you have clean, repair and restart the engine or stop driving. Well, I want to be active no matter how old I am. After the colonic I feel light. I have a new body.


Last resort

It was very difficult to say what was wrong with me.

When I was 16 I had my appendix removed. Since that time I never had a bowel movement without the help of laxatives – always incredibly painful. I am now 23, seven years of suffering. The final option that I was given was a colon operation, which would have left me with an external colostomy bag and disabled.

For six months I have had weekly colonic treatments with no laxatives. After 6 weeks I had my first natural bowel movement. It was night, but I called Anna, and crying told her how happy I felt. I am not suffering from pain anymore and everything continues to improve.

Last visit Anna said: Your next treatment will be in one month!

I recently married and we are planning to start a family next year.

Mrs E.C
West London

Leaky gut

I was suffering with bloating, wind, indigestion, and irregular bowel movements. I was always tired, found it difficult to concentrate, and my memory was poor although I am in my twenties. Nobody seemed able to help.

I was recommended to the Chatsworth Centre, and after consultation and treatments with Anna and her team, was diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome, and yeast overgrowth. They have developed a programme for me, prescribing colonics with probiotics, supplements and dietary advice.

It’s early days, but I am already feeling the benefits, though I know that I must follow the programme for some months yet. At last I am taking control.

Miss S.G. Kent