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Detox and Slimming
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We are a family
run health clinic
Making sure you get the best care is in our family values and have been proving that over the last 20 years we have been open, with 3 generations dedicating their lives to helping you! Meet our family
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Chatsworth Centre
1 Loveridge Mews
An excellent health centre. Anna and her team were able to advise on my nutrition and dietary health. Thoroughly recommended.
- Mark Stone, local google guide

Colon Hydrotherapy

Our family have been in the colonic business before it was even popular. Together we have more than 40 years experience! Let us tell you how we can help you

Medical Ozone Therapy

Building your immune system is a top priority now. Ozone stimulates your body’s natural mechanisms and gives the capability to heal on its own. Find out how

Far-Infrared PressoTherapy

Clear your body’s natural toxins through lymphatic drainage that won’t hurt your body or your pocket! Find out how it works


EMSculpt body contouring builds muscle and reduces fat by using high-powered alternation magnetic fields. Find out more

Colon Hydrotherapy + coffee enema

3 sessions
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Colon hydrotherapy + PressoTherapy (lymphatic drainage)

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Colon Hydrotherapy + Ozone rectal insufflation

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