EMSculpt body-contouring has been clinically tested and proven in seven independent trials, with results seen across the board by both females and males of all ages. Its approved by FDA and based on innovative technology that allows you to lose weight without surgery and at the same time build up mussels without hard exercising.

EMSculpt devise is revolution in non-invasive cosmetology. It was developed in order to change the idea in sliming and modelling of the body without painful lipolytic injections and surgical liposuction with long rehabilitation.

HIFEM technology works due to high-power alternating magnetic fields which stimulate underlying muscle(16% increase) and the same time affect adipose tissue to break down fat(19% decrease). During one 30 minute session muscles will contrast approximately 20000 times.
The impact of device doesn’t end at the moment of termination of the supply of electromagnetic waves and launches natural processes of burning fat and building muscles. The final results are recorded in a month after last procedure

Benifits of EMSculpt

Non-Invasive, painless

EMSculpt is a safe and completely non-invasive, painless treatment and it has become a popular alternative to surgeries that achieve similar results such as liposuction, butt implants or tummy tuck. With EMSculpt, patients can lift and tone their butt, abdomens, arms and thighs without having anaesthesia or long recovering time after surgery. So patients don’t have to worry about stitches or scars.

Boosts Metabolism

EMSculpt not only helps build muscle tissue, but clinical studies found that patients who done EMSculpt treatment experience a five-time increase in fat metabolism (apoptotic index increased from 19% to 92% post-treatment)

Can Help with Injury Recovery

EMSculpt can help patients healing from certain injuries by strengthening muscle tissue and can be used in conjunction with physical therapy to assist in speeding up recovery times. It also great for starting a new fitness program after a patient has recovered from an injury.

Quick Treatment Sessions and Fast Results

Treatment last just 30 minutes, so patients can make appointments over their lunch break. The full course of 4-6 treatments can be completed during two to three weeks. Many patients begin to see results immediately after their first treatment.

No Recovery Time

There is nothing need to do beforehand to prepare for EMSculpt treatment and there is no recovery time needed after treatment as well. So patients can return to their normal activities immediately after each session.

EMSculpt has been approved as a treatment for the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps. These are some benefits of EMSculpt that have contributed to this treatment’s growing popularity.

What EMSculpt can help with?

  • 19% average fat reduction
  • 16% or more increase in muscle mass
  • 5 times increase in metabolism
  • 11% reduction in abdominal muscle separation
  • Activating the collagen regeneration
  • Shaping waste line and mermaid line

What to expect during the EMSculpt session?

The procedure is painless and do not need any preparation. Client will fill the form and have consultation to discuss treatment areas and contraindications. Therapist will attach electromagnetic applicators with elastic band on the treatment area. During exposure the device works on the muscle at different depths.

One cycle EMSculpt has 3 different type of electromagnetic waves which are cyclically changed:

1. intermittent contractions (feels steady and very strong)

2. continuous contractions (is a bit like a series of little electric shocks zapping you)

3. relaxing contractions (slightly more forgiving and undulates in intensity)
When session finished your body will continue to launch natural process of stimulating muscles, burning fat and begin eliminating dead fat cells.

How many sessions you need?

This is very individual and depends on you body type and what result you looking for. Usually it recommended course of 4-6 sessions spaced 2-3 days between.


Cardiac pacemaker, metal implants, implanted defibrillators or microsimulations, electronic implants, pulmonary insufficiency, pregnancy, abdomen hernia. 


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